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Image for: Today we celebrate one year of Cooked History

Today we celebrate one year of Cooked History

Today marks exactly one year since Food Hub launched its very first online training: Cooked History. In the course, which we developed with our friends Ira & Ayra Kip of KIP Republic, you look at your own story through food. On this first anniversary, we reflect on the power of culinary stories.

Image for: Food Hub celebrates seven-year anniversary with ambitious food transition goal

Food Hub celebrates seven-year anniversary with ambitious food transition goal

Food Hub launches its new website today. The enhanced digital identity underscores the company's evolution since its founding in 2016. In its seven-year existence, Food Hub grew from young project agency to mature education maker with an ambitious goal. Over the next seven years, Food Hub aims to empower one million people to change the world of food: fair, diverse and sustainable.

Image for: Wanted: the 100 most impactful food changers

Wanted: the 100 most impactful food change makers

Which 100 food changemakers will create better and more sustainable food and drink for all? Food100 seeks innovators who will roll up their sleeves and solve the problems within our food system with fresh ideas. Those tacklers and thinkers are desperately needed now that the future of our food is daily news.

Image for: From 14 to 14,000 farmers

From 14 to 14,000 farmers

With the election results, BBB's win, the political landscape has officially changed. However, the forces of change have been in play for much longer, and the climate and environmental task remains. A new phase of the agricultural transition is dawning, one that affects all of us, farmer or not. Joszi Smeets, Dieuwertje van Muyden and I, Joris Lohman, see De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie in new light.

Image for: Good grades, bad grades

Good grades, bad grades

Are farmers becoming increasingly dependent on the right conditions, or can the food system keep up with the vagaries of climate? Since we just don't want to put our food in the balance, we prefer to put the whole system in the balance. Let's talk about measurements, numbers and models!

Image for: We brought together 100 farmers and non-farmers

We brought together 100 farmers and non-farmers

Every era has its pioneers. Once they drained the polders, now they create wetlands. Pioneers are brave go-getters, headstrong thinkers. Not afraid to look to the future, not afraid to change course. They are farmers who lead the way in agricultural transition. And that is not without controversy. The New Farmers' Family Day 2023 was all about being at the forefront.

Image for: Indispensable agricultural women

Indispensable agricultural women

Meet three women who - despite male dominance - managed to leave a valuable mark on food and agriculture. And what about the future, are we going back to agrarian androgyny?

Image for: In the Resistance

In the Resistance

The food system has crashed. Back in the 1980s. When towering butter mountains asked us: what the f*** are we doing? The first signs of the nitrogen crisis were also visible then, prompting the first European nitrates directive in the early 1990s. We need a better system, but the old one hasn't broken down yet. Read your way through the big rebuild and realize that flip was the most versatile piece of kees for twenty years....

Image for: Heavy fog clouds limit our visibility and yet we must move forward

Heavy fog clouds limit our visibility and yet we must move forward

The foggy unexplored polders of the education and food system limit visibility ahead and make it difficult to pioneer and effect change. Joszi Smeets cycles through a foggy polder and reflects on the food changers who do step through the fog.

Image for: Comparing Apples to Apple's

Comparing apples to Apple's

Anyone who knows that Dutch greenhouse horticulture is a hyper high-tech environment won't find the seclusion surprising. You don't just walk into an Apple factory (pun intended) either.