Regenerative Agriculture

Together with farm Bodemzicht, we have put everything on the table to give you an unforgettable training in Regenerative Agriculture. Back to basics with this introductory online training: why, what and how, in your own context.

This course is currently available in: Dutch
Carrot in dungarees training regenerative agriculture

Personal Leadership in Food & Agri

Personal Leadership in Food & Agri is the program that puts you back in charge in the changing world of food and agriculture. You will give meaning and substance to personal leadership in your own way. We use your personal story, your motives, your place, your examples, your qualities, your pitfalls and your long-term and short-term goals.<br>This course is currently available in: Dutch

Food Business Toolkit

Are you considering starting your own food business, or have you already set something up and are running into your first hurdles? Then the Food Business Toolkit is your treasure chest of information. Food Hub and Kitchen Republic designed this toolkit to support entrepreneurs like you who have recently taken the leap into entrepreneurship or are on the verge of their big launch. Discover all the kitchen secrets and take your food business to the next level!    
Flatlay showing products and packaging illustrating the Food Business Toolkit

Net Positive Young Academy

Discover the power of a net positive mindset and its impact on the food chain in our three-month program. In this hands-on experience, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to integrate this mindset into your business strategy and personal goals.
Net Positive Young Academy

Online Boerenversneller

The Online Farmer Accelerator is a unique program for agricultural entrepreneurs looking for sustainable and financial perspective. In this online program you will creatively work on your business and personal development. By means of video lessons and assignments you will come to innovation step by step, test your new ideas, develop a future-proof business model and a strong pitch. After this training you will have everything you need to respond to changes in agriculture in your own way.
Empty school desks in a barn


The Boerenversneller is a unique program for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who are looking for a future-proof earnings model. Participants get to work on their business and personal development, and work with experts from inside and outside the sector on innovation on their own farm. At the Boerenversneller, you meet a group of like-minded people with diverse plans. This is where new ideas, collaborations and friendships are born.
This course is currently available in: Dutch
Participants Farmers Accelerator in a field

A reframing mindset

With what idea will you change the future? Bring your desires and dreams together in a concept through the design method "Reframing. In this course, you will learn how to apply this design process to an unknown future by deconstructing your product or business into three essential layers: what, how and why. Not only will you acquire"a reframing mindset," but you will have developed a complete concept after completing this course.
3 people write and draw at a table.

A prototyping mindset

This online course is your first step towards becoming a food changemaker. We will teach you how to easily develop your food idea and acquire an essential mindset - a prototyping mindset - for transition. Hundreds of students, food professionals and farmers have already learned how to test their ideas for success. Are you ready to join them?
Students at work during A prototyping mindset workshop

Pitch like a pro

In "Pitch like a pro," you will learn the art of creating a structured story and gain essential insights for successful presentations. Step by step, you will work to shape your story so that you are ready to take the stage with a compelling story about your company or product.
Pitch like a pro | a man pitches his story to a small group of people.

Cooked History

This course is about discovering your Cooked history. What does it mean and why is it important to view your own history through the lens of food? Whether you are a chef or a storyteller, whether you do this professionally or personally; you will be introduced to a new level of storytelling through food. We promise you: after this course, a carrot is no longer "just a carrot.
Ira and Ayra Kip in the kitchen cooking.

Finding your business focus

At Food Hub, we know that entrepreneurship comes with all kinds of dynamics and phases. Whether you're just starting out in business, already running a business that is growing successfully, or perhaps experiencing some challenges, the Finding your business focus course will teach you all about finding and maintaining focus within your business. It doesn't really matter what stage or situation your business is in, what you want is more focus - and that's what you'll get.    
Man at work behind laptop | Finding your business focus Food Hub

Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture

We live in times of climate, soil, biodiversity and health crisis. By taking more from the planet than we contribute, our consumption is taking a massive toll on our planet. It is time to change that and to start acting like beneficial keystone species. We have created this course for people who want to be that beneficial keystone piece. People who want to invest, build companies or use their position in existing food and agricultural corporations to move the needle in the regenerative sphere. People who are ready to take the next steps.