We create customized programs for small and large parties who have or want to take a role in the food and agriculture transition. You can come to us for education, change, knowledge and advice.
A photo from the Farmers Accelerator, a program of Food Hub. A group of people get off the ferry.

We are making the transition to a fair, diverse and sustainable food system together.

Food Hub has developed over the past seven years into an authority on food education and innovation pathways, specializing in training professionals within companies and governments. Food Hub also has appropriate offerings for newcomers to the industry and individuals - -. look at training. In addition, we are the only provider of an accelerator for agricultural entrepreneurs: the Farmer Accelerator.


In consultation with clients, Food Hub organizes various trainings, courses and workshops. Fully organized programs aimed at various target groups and food transition themes: short chains, proteins, food culture, business models and more. From a group personal leadership training course to a multi-day excursion through the food chain, or a long-term program for entrepreneurs nationwide.


The food and agriculture transition requires collaboration across a wide range of (professional) fields. Food Hub is adept at building strong, interdisciplinary communities that realize change. We do this by providing the community with news, knowledge and inspiration, offering appropriate programs and facilitating collaboration. Moreover, we always make our network available.


Parties wishing to effect a change in the world of food and agriculture can enlist the help of Food Hub in doing so. It may involve a change in their own organization (internal) or the desire to set up a particular project (external). Even if the question is not yet clear, we know how to deal with it. Together we design the desired change.


Bringing (different groups of) people together is essential for a successful food transition. Online, offline, for ten, a hundred or a thousand people: at Food Hub, we don't turn our hand to an event. We are experienced in the organization, programming, production and communication of events.

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