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The Online Farmer Accelerator is a unique program for agricultural entrepreneurs looking for sustainable and financial perspective. In this online program you will creatively work on your business and personal development. By means of video lessons and assignments you will come to innovation step by step, test your new ideas, develop a future-proof business model and a strong pitch. After this training you will have everything you need to respond to changes in agriculture in your own way.

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For whom and why?

Are you an agricultural entrepreneur with an eye for the future, do you have the desire to do things differently than the previous generation, but do not yet know exactly how? Or are you at the forefront of the agricultural transition and feel the need to deepen your business plan? The Online Farmer Accelerator offers you the tools to get started with your business and personal development. The course is suitable for both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs, and applies to large and small-scale businesses.

The Online Farmer Accelerator allows you to engage with the training at times of your choosing. You settle down at the kitchen table, get carried away by the moderator, and pause the training as often as you like.


Together, smarter farming

From the fertile grounds of The New Farmer Family, a Food Hub initiative that has been pushing the traditional boundaries of agriculture since 2018, comes an innovative training: the Online Farmer Accelerator. The training offers agricultural entrepreneurs the tools to get started with their business and personal development, taking them one step further by entering the digital space.


As an extension of the successful Farmers Accelerator program, the Online Farmers Accelerator allows users to participate in a flexible and accessible way, from the comfort of their own home or office.


We invite you to be part of this exciting new phase in the development of Dutch agriculture, where collaboration between farmers and non-farmers is not only encouraged, but seen as the key to achieving a more sustainable and innovative future for us all.

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This is what you can expect...

  • Six modules that make up a complete course in which you follow a change pathway as an agricultural entrepreneur
  • Flexible and accessible online learning tailored to your personal schedule
  • Coached by "farmer-influencer" and future thinker Heleen Lansink
  • Automatically join The New Farmer Family, a platform driving innovation in agriculture. Includes an invitation to the Farmers' Family Day
  • Coaching from experts in the field, with the possibility of booking coaching sessions for further development
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