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Regenerative Agriculture

Together with farm Bodemzicht, we have put everything on the table to give you an unforgettable training in Regenerative Agriculture. Back to basics with this introductory online training: why, what and how, in your own context.

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This is what you can expect

We live in times of climate, soil, biodiversity and health crisis. You don't want to be part of the problem, but of the solution: "regenerative," the new buzzword. In all sorts of places inside and outside the Netherlands, regenerative farmers are proving that you can generate ecological, social and financial gains through food production. That potential is fantastic and explains the proliferation of regenerative initiatives.


But what exactly is it? What can you do with it yourself? And how do we ensure that "regenerative" does not become a marketing term, but comes to fruition?


This is the first training in the Netherlands for people who want to discover if regenerative agriculture is for them. Farm Bodemzicht is the birthplace of regenerative agriculture in the Netherlands and is actively working to involve as many people as possible in a regenerative future.


This online training brings more than knowledge and inspiration, we are going to regenerate you. At its core, regenerative agriculture is about people's attitudes toward nature and society.

Portrait photo of Ricardo Cano Mateo and Anne van Leeuwen of regenerative agriculture farm Soil View

Meet your trainers


Anne van Leeuwen and Ricardo Cano Mateo of regenerative Farm Bodemzicht are climate farmers for life. In 2020, they started their regenerative demonstration farm on Grootstal estate, right next to Nijmegen. They market products that come from the land in the immediate vicinity and cooperate a lot with other regenerative initiatives. In this way, they are building a close community around the farm. The Bodemzicht learning place focuses on the question "how do we build a regenerative society?" Farmers, citizens, policy makers, organizations, artists and students are invited to think and work together on such a society.
Together with Joszi Smeets of Food Hub, they developed the Regenerative Agriculture course.


Photo by Gabriela Hengeveld.

Portrait photo of Joszi Smeets for Food Hub | creator of regenerative agriculture course

Meet your moderator

Joszi Smeets works on a better food system every day. She co-founded Food Hub with Joris because, as a social geographer, she strongly believes that the food transition is people-driven and therefore emotionally and culturally charged. It is so big but also very small, and that makes food the best tool to have in your hands. She has now been training new food changers for 7 years and supporting existing initiatives where needed. Together with Anne & Ricardo of Farm and Soil Insight Foundation, she developed the Regenerative Agriculture course.

What will you learn?

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1.1 Workbook

1.2 Regeneration is about you

1.3 Soil vision: Anne van Leeuwen and Ricardo Cano Mateo

1.4 Video portrait Soil Vision

2.1 The basics
2.2 The Anthropocene
2.3 A new worldview
2.4 Landing on earth again
2.5 Original thinkers and doers
3.1 Meeting of pecan trees
3.2 Working with life
3.3 Dancing with life
3.4 Recognizing ecological principles
3.5 Ecological principles in practice
3.6 Valve
4.1 The community of Soil Vision
4.2 Working with a community
4.3 Sharing abundance
4.4 Recognizing social principles
4.5 Social regeneration principles in practice
4.6 Valve
5.1 More farmers
5.2 Working with more than pounds
5.3 Shrinking to abundance
5.4 Recognizing economic principles
5.5 Economic regeneration in practice
5.6 Valve
6.1 Self-regeneration and going to regeneration
6.2 Regeneration is a mindset
6.3 Regenerative fellow farmers in all their diversity
6.4 The last word
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After this training

  • Do you understand exactly what regenerative agriculture is and have a series of good exercises and resources that you can always keep using.


  • Have you taken a look into the world of a regenerative farmer (with all the opportunities but also challenges) and know if you too want to move forward with regenerative agriculture.


  • Really look at our world differently. And by us, we mean people, animals and plants.


  • Are you part of a regenerative community. You attend this training with other interested people; farmers and non-farmers who are also involved in this. You will have these contacts forever.

Regenerative agriculture has the potential to change the world.

Something for you?

This course is for you if you recognize yourself in any of the following statements:

"As a food entrepreneur, I would like to start making my service or product regenerative. Where to start?"
"At my work, we want and need to do something with regenerative agriculture and I want to make sure I understand it well and can apply it!"
"I am a farmer with a farm, and I want to explore whether Regenerative Agriculture is for me," he said.
"As a farmer without land, I want to discover what Regenerative Agriculture can do for me."
"I am not a farmer, but I want to do more in the world of food and agriculture and am attracted to regenerative principles."
"I'm just interested, I have a garden and a kitchen with a balcony and want to get started with regenerative."

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What you will get:

  • 14 Instructional videos with transcript
  • 4 lectures by Anne from Bottom View
  • Video portrait of Anne made by director Mette te Velde and filmmaker Erik Loots
  • An audio forest bathing experience from The Forest Bathing Circle
  • Your personal workbook full of exercises and tools
  • Carefully curated resources and supplementary materials
  • Infinite access (including future updates)
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You'll need a screen and internet. That's the beauty: you can take the course in the comfort of your own home, and on your own time! We do recommend that you print out the workbook.

This course is based on self-study. You can take it as long or short as you like. We recommend that you take the course consecutively, divided into 4 or 5 separate moments.

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This training was created with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in its Rural Areas'.