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Food Business Toolkit

Are you considering starting your own food business, or have you already set something up and are running into your first hurdles? Then the Food Business Toolkit is your treasure chest of information. Food Hub and Kitchen Republic designed this toolkit to support entrepreneurs like you who have recently taken the leap into entrepreneurship or are on the verge of their big launch. Discover all the kitchen secrets and take your food business to the next level!    

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Why this toolkit?

The food industry can be unforgiving to startups. But the world needs people like you. People who are willing to challenge the status quo and who know the system needs to change. But rest assured, you are not alone! You are part of a community, a global movement that compels us to pay attention to current problems and strives to accelerate innovation toward a more sustainable food system.

We admire you for taking on this challenge, because we know it can be extremely difficult to start a successful food business. That's why we're happy to help you where we can. Together with Kitchen Republic, we've teamed up to combine our knowledge and expertise into a handy toolkit.

This toolkit is specifically designed to give founders of food businesses that have recently started, or are about to start, a helping hand.

Meet the experts
Photo of person putting a sticker with the Food Hub logo on a wall

Food Hub

Food Hub is working on transitioning to a fair, diverse and sustainable food system. We do this by creating stimulating food education, promoting future-proof perspectives, and collaborating with new and established parties across the sector. We bring the links of the food system into conversation with each other, and ensure that they collectively get a grip on the world of food and agriculture.

Photo in Kitchen Republic's kitchen for the Food Business Toolkit

Kitchen Republic

Kitchen Republic is the place for starting and growing food concepts. They help (start-up) entrepreneurs with professional kitchen spaces, the right connections within the industry, event and office space and access to the largest community of food entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. They challenge the food industry by encouraging entrepreneurs and raising the bar on positive impact and best taste.

What will you learn?

View the contents of the toolkit:

1.1 Introduction
1.2 How to use the Food Business Toolkit

1.3 You are a disruptor

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sourcing
2.3 Sustainability
2.4 Testing your product
2.5 Hygiene
2.6 Outsourcing production
2.7 Packaging
2.8 Label requirements

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Branding
3.3 Defining your customer
3.4 Community building
3.5 Storytelling
3.6 Social media - online presence
3.7 Closing remarks

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Choose your strategy - retail vs food service
4.3 Work on your pitch
4.4 Distribution
4.5 Closing remarks

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Tools
5.3 Investment options
5.4 Closing remarks

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Hiring - legal templates
6.3 Networking
6.4 Closing remarks

7.1 Let us know what you're missing
7.2 Ways to get involved

Photo of two people ladling soup at an event

The advice in this toolkit will save you time, money and keep you motivated.

The Food Business Toolkit will help you with general topics in the food industry, but will also answer specific questions. To create overview and understanding of the most important elements in setting up a business, we have constructed five pillars that act as a common thread throughout the toolkit: Product, Marketing, Sales, Finance & People.

Most themes will offer templates, explanations, sample PDFs or inspirational videos that help bring all the information to life. It's a living document; that is, we update, add or remove information as needed because our knowledge of the industry is constantly evolving. And the great thing is; you keep accessing it forever.

Get to work

What you will get:

  • Inspiring videos that deepen your knowledge of the food industry
  • Accessible PDFs & explainers
  • Templates you can get started with right away
  • Carefully curated sources and supplementary materials
  • Infinite access (including future updates to the toolkit)
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The toolkit is a "living" document. That is, we update, add or remove information as needed because our knowledge of the industry is constantly evolving. You can go through the entire toolkit at once, or return as needed. Keep the toolkit handy throughout the various stages of setting up your food business.

Should you encounter any (technical) problems, please feel free to contact support@foodhub.nl. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Also check out our full FAQ page, maybe the answer to your question is in there.

Want to get in touch with Kitchen Republic? Please send an email to community@kitchenrepublic.nl or check out their website: www.kitchenrepublic.nl