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Personal Leadership in Food & Agri is the program that puts you back in charge in the changing world of food and agriculture. You will give meaning and substance to personal leadership in your own way. We use your personal story, your motives, your place, your examples, your qualities, your pitfalls and your long-term and short-term goals.<br>This course is currently available in: Dutch

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In this training, developed by co-founder Joszi Smeets, you will give meaning and substance to personal leadership in your own way. We use your personal story, your motives, your place, your examples, your qualities, your pitfalls and your long-term and short-term goals.

At Food Hub, we find time and again that personal leadership is essential for everyone in the world of food and agriculture. Even within our own team, we often pause to consider whether we are still on track, because the world of food and agriculture is changing at lightning speed, and we, like you, have chosen to be part of that change.

Politics, technology, the climate, social trends and current events mean that our playing field is constantly changing. It sometimes seems almost impossible to lead this. Things like expertise, power or position are no longer enough: the world of food requires an integral, inclusive approach and connecting leadership.

Meet your trainer


For the past 10 years, first as director of the Slow Food Youth Network and then as founder and creative director of Food Hub, Joszi has been working and training in the middle of the food movement. Joszi is the creative director of the Food Hub team and builds our educational programs and products.


She co-founded Food Hub with Joris Lohman because, as a social geographer, she strongly believes that the food transition is people-driven and therefore emotionally and culturally charged. It is so big but also very small, and that makes food the best tool to have in your hands.


More than 700 students went through the Personal Leadership training that Joszi developed. Whether she worked with large or small companies, with students or experienced entrepreneurs, with urban change agents or pioneers on the farm, in those ten years it was confirmed for her time and time again that, especially in these changing times, you have to be able to use your own personality optimally. That is exactly what we are going to work with in this course.

What will you learn?

Check out the curriculum:

0. Before you get started, we will briefly explain to you how the course is structured.

1.1 Introduction video

1.2 Your personal workbook

1.3 Your intention

2.1 Video portrait Joszi Smeets

2.2 As a captain

2.3 Purpose, destination and vision

3.1 Instructional video

3.2 The apple (audio)

3.3 Food memories

3.4 The food landscape

3.5 Taking position

3.6 Research position

4.1 Now it gets personal

4.2 Sources of leadership

4.3 Core values

4.4 Listening to listening

5.1 Autobiography and lifeline

5.2 Welcome to your 80th birthday

5.3 The creation spiral

6.1 Staying afloat

6.2 Sources

6.3 Credits

6.4 We hope to keep running into you!

Express personal leadership in your own way.

What others are saying...
The course provides a well-curated and accessible online learning environment that gives you the tools to lead your own life and work. Suitable for food changers as well as any other professional. I would recommend the live day to anyone: beautiful location, great program and Joszi is a very dedicated and experienced trainer!
Helen Kranstauber (founder Food Cabinet)
"Even right through the screen Joszi makes you feel and experience where your feminine identity is. She lets you become aware of your womanhood and how to harness and use that with full power and the right energy. A breath of fresh air for your gut feeling which sometimes is not quite right. Now you know why."
Heleen Lansink-Marissen (The Melktapperij, Agro influencer)
"The food transition is complex and has many directions for solutions. Joszi is able to help you discover your inner leadership, make you aware of your power and authenticity. By listening and by being open to yourself and to others. Through these insights you realize that we can all take a role in this necessary transition, no matter how small it may seem. In the Food Forward program, this has been the starting point to allow new connections to emerge that ultimately lead to new food solutions."
Anna van der Bijl (Project Manager Food and Agri Netherlands Rabobank, Rabo Food Forward)
"I found the personal leadership training very valuable because my business is largely who I am. By better understanding who I am and how I make choices, I can more consciously chart a strategic path that better suits me and my business and therefore has a greater chance of success."
Gerard Mul (Dairy farmer)
"As a team, we received training from Joszi. The nice atmosphere and personal approach Joszi created ensured that we all went home with new insights and food for thought."
Anouk de Vries (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition)
"Joszi is an expert in her field, an inspiring woman who lives what she talks about! She is the embodiment of what she stands for: connection, leadership and forward thinking. So in her training she shares not only her experiences and knowledge, but concrete tools to actually connect with your essence, with your higher purpose and with each other. I recommend her training if you want to make a positive difference in the world from your personal leadership. "
Isabella Machiné (Founder Glo, Self-empowerment and holistic health community)
"In the personal leadership training you get tools to better understand your own path in the food landscape. How can you draw a horizon for yourself and what steps do you take to get there. Together with Joszi and other participants you will get a long way with that during this inspiring day."
Freek Uittenbogaart (Nature & Environment Utrect)

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Online training

  • You get 12 instructional videos (with transcript);
  • a video portrait of Joszi created by director Mette te Velde and filmmaker Erik Loots;
  • Your personal workbook full of exercises and tools;
  • 2 audio experiences;
  • attentively curated sources and supplementary materials;
  • and infinite access (including future training updates).
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You need a digital device and internet. That's the beauty of it: you can take the course in the comfort of your own home, in your own time! We do recommend that you print out the workbook.

This course is based on self-study. You can take it as long or short as you like. We recommend that you take the course consecutively, divided into 4 or 5 separate moments.

Once you have purchased the course, you will be sent your login. You can then start at any time.

For the one-day group training on May 17, you must register by May 16. Registration for the online basis can be done anytime.

We are confident in the quality of our education. However, should you feel within 14 days of purchasing the course that you didn't learn anything or didn't find it useful, you will receive a full refund.

Should you encounter any (technical) problems, please feel free to contact We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Also check out our full FAQ page, maybe the answer to your question is in there.