In consultation with clients, Food Hub organizes academies. These are trainings, courses and workshops. Our programs are fully catered and focus on various target groups and themes. Think short chains, proteins, food culture and business models. From a group personal leadership training to a multi-day excursion through the food chain, or a long-term program for entrepreneurs nationwide.
Students feed hay to cows in the barn during the Flevo Campus Think Tank, one of the Food Hub academies

The Food Hub Formula

With Food Hub academies, we are committed to the food transition, a societal shift towards a 'good, clean and fair' food system. Our approach is rooted in transition theory and inspired by Theory U, a methodology that helps us tap into deeper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Our unique "Food Hub formula" includes several elements: from understanding the food transition and developing personal leadership to gaining hands-on experiences in the food chain. Moreover, we do this together with our experienced experts and trainers. We emphasize the importance of diversity in perspectives and strive for a holistic approach. In this, every detail is part of the message. As a result, we help companies, governments and professionals in the food transition.

From the portfolio

Unilever Future Foods Academy

Since 2022, Food Hub has partnered with Unilever to organize an academy for (young) professionals within the company. The academy gives professionals the tools to make a positive impact on the food system, within Unilever's Future Foods initiative.

Participants take a journey through the food chain, broadening their horizons thanks to encounters with inspiring "colleagues" from the food system. In other words, participants exchange their desks for a stimulating program on location, from farm to plant-based start-up. This creates an active understanding of the food transition, and how different parties are shaping it. Participants apply new knowledge to various current cases at Unilever, and pay attention within the academy to their personal ambition regarding the food transition.


Academies of Food Hub - visit in the cow barn

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