The food and agriculture transition requires collaboration across a wide range of (professional) fields. Food Hub is adept at building strong, interdisciplinary communities that realize change. We do this by providing the community with news, knowledge and inspiration, offering appropriate programs and facilitating collaboration. Moreover, we always make our network available.
Two visitors to The New Farmer Family Day in conversation.
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The New Farmer's Family

The New Farmer Family is a platform that drives innovation in Dutch agriculture by encouraging collaboration between farmers and non-farmers. The farmer is surrounded by a new family of architects, marketers, chefs, bankers and designers, among others. Together we will search for feasible, logical and sustainable innovations on the farm. 


In 2018, The New Farmer Family was founded by Food Hub. This initiative has grown into a community of up to 1,000 members, who receive a monthly newsletter with calls from the network, motivational stories, calendar tips and grant advice.


The New Farmer's Family Day

Members can meet with each other and other stakeholders annually at The New Farmer Family Day. This is also the closing day of the Farmers Accelerator, a program for agricultural entrepreneurs looking for a future-proof earnings model. These entrepreneurs pitch their businesses on the Farmers' Family Day and make contact with investors, product developers and potential customers. As frontrunners, they also engage with policymakers to put their businesses' bottlenecks on the agenda. In 2023, Food Hub will also launch an online version of the Farmers Accelerator.


With the support of the community manager, calls are regularly posted on the platform: farmers and non-farmers can spread a request for help or offer a service through this channel. In addition, The New Farmer Family frequently handles contact and media requests.