Public discussion on the future of food and agriculture at De Balie

Now that the debate on food and agriculture has reached a new crossroads, and in view of the upcoming elections, there are cries for a vision for the future of food and agriculture in the Netherlands. The discussion often gets stuck on the opposition between the "wizards" and "prophets. That is why Stop the Food Fight is organizing conversations to move this contradiction forward in collaboration with experts from across the food sector.
The event is on Oct. 11, 2023 at 0:00 a.m.

Wizards and prophets in conversation about food and agriculture

The Stop the Food Fight think tank has taken the lead in facilitating meaningful dialogues between experts who are often on opposite sides of the debate. The goal is to work collectively toward a shared vision for food production, landscape and nature in the Netherlands, provided economic conditions are approached respectfully.


In the coming months, several think tank sessions will be organized with experts from across the industry. In line with this think tank, we have set up a special public event in collaboration with debate center De Balie in Amsterdam. On Oct. 11, the main hall will host a discussion with contributions from American author Charles C. Mann. Ahead of the re-election, these dialogues are crucial for shaping and understanding the food and agriculture agenda in a broader political context. Experts involved in these discussions include Michael Wilde (Bionext), Geertjan Kloosterboer (Dairy Farmer), Joris Lohman (Food Hub) and Hidde Boersma (Sugarrush Film).


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