Plant pioneering at Plant FWD

Plant FWD 2024 is coming! On April 23 and 24, Theater Amsterdam will be the stage for an event all about plant-based nutrition, sustainability and innovation. After a promising start last year, the 2024 edition offers practical insights, networking opportunities and inspiration for everyone in the plant sector.
The event is on Apr 23, 2024 at 0:00 a.m.

What does Plant FWD 2024 offer?

At Plant FWD 2024, you can expect to hear more than 40 speakers at the forefront of the plant sector. From entrepreneurs and start-ups to policymakers and innovators, this event highlights the versatility and dynamism of the plant-based movement. It provides a stage for start-ups to pitch their ideas to investors and retailers, and a marketplace to showcase products and gather feedback.

Networking is central; it connects participants from various corners of the industry - from start-ups to investors, and from policy makers to academics. Plant FWD 2024 is the ideal place for anyone involved in the future of food, whether you want to discover new trends, expand your network or simply be part of the movement toward a more sustainable world.


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