Personal leadership: group training

During the one-day group training by co-founder Joszi Smeets you will get to know yourself and 'the other'. This day iscomplementary to our online training in Personal Leadership. In Theaterwerkplaats Roest in Nijmegen, you will get all the ingredients you need to then dive deeper into all the material in your own time. The combination of this group training and the online training brings the complete package.
The event is on May 17, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.
Girl holds an apple in front of camera lens

In this course, you will shape personal leadership in your own way.

At Food Hub, we find time and again that personal leadership is essential for everyone in the world of food and agriculture. Even within our own team, we often pause to consider whether we are still on track, because the world of food and agriculture is changing rapidly, and we, like you, have chosen to be part of that change.

In this Food Hub training developed by Food Hub co-founder Joszi Smeets, we use your personal story, your motivations, qualities, pitfalls and your long- and short-term goals to put you back at the helm in that changing world of food and agriculture.

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this is what you get:

  • One-day group training at Theaterwerkplaats Roest in Nijmegen with trainer Joszi Smeets
  • 12 instructional videos (with transcript)
  • A video portrait of Joszi, created by director Mette te Velde and filmmaker Erik Loots
  • A personal workbook full of exercises and tools
  • 2 audio experiences
  • Carefully curated resources and supplementary materials
  • Infinite access (including future updates)


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