Butter, cheese and oat milk

We are proud to announce the launch of Butter, Cheese and Oat Milk, the latest book by Joris Lohman, founder of Food Hub. With years of experience across the food chain, from biodynamic farms to high-tech greenhouses to traditional bakeries, Joris offers an in-depth perspective on the system's current challenges. His nuanced insights as well as practical advice make this book an indispensable handbook for anyone who wants to contribute to a better world. On September 26 in bookstores.
The event is on Sep. 26, 2024 at 0:00 a.m.
Butter, cheese and oat milk - Joris Lohman

A handbook to eat better for a better world

What you eat impacts the challenges of our time, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, our treatment of animals and food waste. How can you make the right choices when shopping? In this book, Joris Lohman paints a realistic and bewildering picture of the food system. His journeys through the food chain take the reader from biodynamic farms and high-tech greenhouses in the Netherlands to top gastronomy in Italy, a chicken hatchery in the Ivory Coast and a tortilla bakery in Mexico. Lohman highlights the biggest challenges and myths of our food system and focuses on its future. The book offers not only (scientific) insight, but also practical tips and tools for readers to contribute to a more sustainable food system.



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