Announcing Food100

On Aug. 30, the annual Food100 list of the most impactful food changers in the Netherlands will be unveiled. This list recognizes those individuals who are working toward a better and more sustainable food system.
The event is on Aug. 30, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

The annual list of 100 food changers

The Food100 celebrates the people who contribute daily to a future-proof food system in the Netherlands. This list, compiled by an independent jury, includes both emerging talent and established leaders who are committed to better and more sustainable food and drink. With the Food100, we want to make the impact of these food changers visible and appreciate their efforts. The 2024 list is an inspiration for everyone involved in the food system and showcases a diversity of innovations and initiatives. Wondering who the frontrunners are? Discover the stories of the people making a difference in our daily food.


Food100 is a collaboration of Agrifood Capital, Food Inspiration, SFYN and Food Hub. Partners are Rabobank, ABAB, Food Impactors and BO Akkerbouw.




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