Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture

We live in times of climate, soil, biodiversity, and health crisis. By taking more from the planet than we contribute, our consumption is taking a massive toll on our planet.  It’s time we change that and start acting like beneficial keystone species. We have created this course for people who want to be that beneficial keystone piece. For people who want to invest, start and build companies or want to use their position in existing food and agriculture corporations to move the needle in the regenerative sphere. People who are ready to take the next steps.

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Why take this course?

The way we produce our food has progressively disconnected the economy from nature, degrading planetary ecosystems and creating some of the largest challenges humanity has ever faced, including climate change and the loss of fertile soil. But nature is inherently regenerative. We need to learn how to combine farming practices that lead to regenerative outcomes, regenerate soils, peoples, communities and ecosystems, while producing enough food.

With his podcast series ‘Investing in Regenerative Agriculture’, host  Koen van Seijen has recorded over 280+ interviews with investors, fund managers, farmers, scientists since 2016. They always explore How can we put money (big and small) or time and talent to work to regenerate soils, regenerate people and regenerate ecosystems while generating a fair return?’.

What to expect?

In this course we focus on agriculture because how we grow food largely defines our relationship to Earth. No matter who you are or where you live, your body lives and breathes because of farming. But change does not lie solely with the farmer! We need each other to regenerate the agricultural landscape. This course is for you if you are an:

  1. Investor  – private individuals, family offices and institutional investors
  2. Entrepreneur – people who want to start and build companies in regenerative agriculture and food to regenerate soil at scale.
  3. Intrapreneur – innovative individuals within existing organizations who possess the drive to create positive change.

Meet the expert

Koen is author and host of the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast series. He has interviewed over 280 investors, investment fund managers, opinion leaders, farmers and scientists to find out how best to put money to work to regenerate soil, people, local communities and ecosystems. He is currently relationship manager at  Toniic, the global community of dynamic and active impact investors. Previously Koen supported Aqua-Spark, an impact investing fund focused on sustainable aquaculture companies.

What will you learn?

This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions within the regenerative agriculture and food landscape. It tries to help you to answer the following questions:


  • Why work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food? (plus the risks of investing in conventional extractive agriculture)
  • How to work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food?
  • What to work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food?

Furthermore the course invites you to:


  • Dig deeper: we’re sharing a decision-making framework that can help you chart your course, make informed decisions, and truly make a difference.
  • Read & listen more: access a curated list of must-read resources, including articles, research papers, and books that will deepen your understanding of the regenerative agriculture and food transition. Tune in to recommended podcasts and audio content featuring insightful discussions with thought leaders and experts in the field.


1.1 Welcome

2.1 Framing the topic

3.1 Why we should act now
3.2 Why we can act now

4.1 Elephants in the room

5.1 Navigating the landscape
5.2 Food as medicine
5.3 Cooling the planet
5.4 Payments for ecosystem services
5.5 Corporate regeneration

6.1 Deciding your pathway
6.2 Step by step approach for building your own framework

7.1 Last words before you will walk your path

Pay what you think it’s worth

We invite you to pay what you think this course is worth (you can also decide later after you have experienced the course). This doesn’t mean it is for free! Instead, we trust you to choose the amount that feels right and fair, that represents a real commitment, and that respects your financial circumstances.


If the suggested amount appears either too high or too low for your comfort, feel free to choose a different amount. If you’re on a tight budget, please opt for a lower amount (even zero!)  with our sincere blessing. Conversely, if you find yourself in a more comfortable financial position, feel free to increase your contribution to a level comparable to other courses of a similar nature.


*(Inspired by Charles Eisenstein and Fred Laloux on Pay what you think it’s worth and the Gift Economy)

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What you will get

  • 12 instruction video's
  • Curated list of resources (books, papers, articles) for additional learning and to dig deeper (get ready for some deep rabbit holes!)
  • Podcast interview with Ethan Soloviev on “what is regenerative agriculture and why is that the wrong question to ask”
  • Unlimited access, including future updates
  • A decision-making framework and exercises to help you make your own framework
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This course was made possible with the financial support of the Rossetti Foundation and Meraki Impact and the creative mind and the visual skills of Caspar Daniël Diederik.