We brought together 100 farmers and non-farmers

Every era has its pioneers. Once they drained the polders, now they create wetlands. Pioneers are brave go-getters, headstrong thinkers. Not afraid to look to the future, not afraid to change course. They are farmers who lead the way in agricultural transition. And that is not without controversy. The New Farmers' Family Day 2023 was all about being at the forefront.
Published on 13 Mar 2023
Two visitors to The New Farmers' Family Day are in conversation.

The New Family of Farmers and like-minded people came together on March 9 to provide politicians with an example of an effective, constructive approach to the clash between biodiversity and the farmer's earning model.

Exactly one week ago, The New Farmer Family Day took place. Over 100 farmers and non-farmers came together, looking for inspiration and partners to realize new agriculture. The participants of the Farmers Accelerator - the program for agricultural entrepreneurs - set a living example in this by sharing their business practices and future-proof plans. Whereas until last week the Farmers Accelerator considered itself a niche, Agriculture Minister Adema, who was present, decisively changed that: "we must see innovators as a full-fledged part of the agricultural sector." 


The afternoon began with an introduction using a family constellation. Founders of De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie, Joszi Smeets and Joris Lohman, challenged visitors to show their colors; "where were you born, what do you do for work, what 'corner' of agriculture are you in, and hey, hands up who likes nitrogen! 


Then it was the turn of the farmers who have been going through the Farmers Accelerator in recent months. In three rounds they pitched their (ideas for their) farms to a constantly changing group of interested people from the audience. This caught on; at the sound of the cowbell, the groups had difficulty detaching themselves from the stalls. Curious about their stories? Take a look at denieuweboerenfamilie.nl/editie-2022 and send a contact request.


A panel discussion with Minister Piet Adema during The New Farmers' Family Day 2023. A visitor asks a question.

What do farmers need to make the agricultural landscape of the future and its linchpin - their farms - a lasting success?

After the pitches, chairs were ready and the audience focused on the stage. At the table sat Jonathan van der Geer, former political assistant to Carola Schouten, with farmers Janneke Paalhaar and Thomas Proost. They talked about their experiences with the Farmers Accelerator and the challenges on their farms. Two hopeful, energetic personalities who show that change is possible, but at the same time put the gap between citizen, farmer and politics on the agenda.


The second part of the table discussion allowed agriculture minister Piet Adema, Rabobank system partner Anna van der Bijl and Joris Lohman to respond and build on this. A constructive conversation that showed the importance of the interplay of a good agricultural agreement, progressive banks and supermarkets, a benevolent society and new education. 


There was a remarkably long talk and drinks in the Natural Pavilion at the Flevo Campus in Almere. We sincerely thank all visitors for their positive contribution to the Farmers' Family Day! 

Three Food Hub colleagues wearing The New Farmer's Family jerseys.