Wanted: the 100 most impactful food change makers

Which 100 most impactful food changers are creating better and more sustainable food and drink for all? Food100 seeks innovators who will roll up their sleeves and solve the problems within our food system with fresh ideas. These tacklers and thinkers are desperately needed now that the future of our food is daily news.
Published on 18 Apr 2023
The winners of the 2022 Food100 most impactful food changers hold their awards.

Turbulent times call for talent

The political landslide during the Provincial Council elections proves how timely and meaningful the challenges of agri-food are. "In such a turbulent phase, innovation, knowledge sharing and connection is more important than ever," says Hans Steenbergen, editor-in-chief of Food Inspiration. "Not polarization takes us forward, but an ongoing dialogue between all players in the food chain. That's why an initiative like Food100 is important. A better food system will only become a reality if enough people are convinced that a better future for our food is possible."


Podium for food changers

Food Inspiration, together with Slow Food Youth Network, AgriFood Capital and Food Hub, is the initiator of the Food100. Together they want to offer a stage to everyone who is actively working for better food and drink in the Netherlands: appreciation for who they are, what they stand for and especially what they do. This is the seventh time that the list of 100 inspiring innovators and tacklers has been compiled. As in previous years, the Food100 consists of 50 up-and-coming talents under the age of 35 and 50 established food changers over the age of 35. 

Poster promoting Food100 entries

Attention and impact

Food100 provides the 100 talents with not only attention, but also a valuable network with which to expand their impact. Do you manage to secure a spot on the list? Then you will receive:


✓ Access to a network of 400+ impact makers in food

✓ An exclusive spot at the Food Inspiration Trendtable during the annual Food100 event

✓ The chance to become Food Hero of 2023 


The 2023 Food100 jury

Independent experts from across the food chain compile the Food100 list of the 100 most impactful food changers in the Netherlands from all entries. This year's jury consists of the following experts:

  • Anouk Snelders, founder of Health Food Wall
  • Bas Antonissen, organic pig farmer
  • Christiaan Vette, independent consultant for strategy, innovation and transformation
  • Jeroen Candel, associate professor of public administration, member of the Council on Animal Affairs and the supervisory board of the Food Transition Coalition
  • Lisanne van Oosterhoud, Climate Pact Ambassador, member of World Food Forum and the Participation Table Food of RFO
  • Maartje Nelissen, shareholder The Food Line-Up and co-founder Plant FWD
  • Sheila Struyck, co-founder NBI Impact Investors and sustainable chef
  • Tarique Arsiwalla, founder of Protix, investor in sustainable agri start-ups and strategic advisor at Vermaat Group

Signing up for the Food100

Are you or do you know a food changer in agrifood who deserves a place in the Food100? Share your motivation with us via www.food100.nl/register. Registration closes on Wednesday, May 31!