Food100 2023: one hundred people improving the Netherlands' food system

We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. Therefore, for the seventh year in a row, we honor the people who are making a difference in our food chain with the Food100 list. This group of 100 driven individuals are crucial in the fight against climate change and food challenges. By publishing this list, we want to highlight the importance of the ongoing efforts needed to transform our food system.
Published on 01 Sep 2023

Spotlight on technology and AI

Sheila Struyck of the Food100 jury explains: "We face a massive food challenge. There are an incredible number of people to feed and there is a strong correlation between global warming and CO2 emissions from food production, preparation and consumption. These problems are vast and urgent, which is why this year we have placed more emphasis on results rather than effort."

The 2023 edition of the Food100 list highlights the role of artificial intelligence (AI), reducing food waste and promoting behavior change. It is a mix of young innovators and experienced impact-makers covering the entire food chain, from service to education and from technical to culinary.

For example, Johanna Schacht, Head AI at Orbisk, is improving food waste monitor technology that allows chefs to reduce food waste. Frank Holleman, through his platform Fork Ranger, helps consumers make more sustainable eating choices by choosing seasonal and plant-based foods more often. Marco Snikkers, founder of OneThird, fights food waste by helping customers predict the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Food100 list event
The Food100 event in 2022

The Food100 Jury

The initiators of the Food100, AgriFood Capital, Food Hub, Food Inspiration and Slow Food Youth Network, along with the judges, want to support and encourage food changers. "These tacklers deserve recognition and encouragement," says Struyck. "After all, it takes more effort to undertake against the grain or to convince your boss of your innovative plans than to simply do what everyone else is doing."

The jury of the 2023 Food100, which judged more than 300 entries on decisiveness, innovation, sustainability and the extent to which the candidate shares knowledge and insights, reflects the breadth of the food chain and is made up of experts from different fields.

The 2023 Food100 list, which is not a ranking or competition but a selection of 100 impact makers in the agrifood sector, is listed alphabetically. All nominees submitted a motivation for earning their spot on the list and thus becoming part of the Food100 network.


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Extraordinary performance

Six food changers from the Food100 list will be named Food Hero 2023 for their outstanding achievements in the past year. On Nov. 20, the Food100 jury will announce at a special meeting who has earned this special mention. In 2022, organic pig farmer Bas Antonissen and De Nieuwe Oogst editor-in-chief Esther de Snoo, among others, were named Food Hero. Bas works locally, circularly and organically as much as possible and is committed to fair prices for the farmer and the environment. As head of the largest agricultural trade magazine, Esther tries to get as many market gardeners and farmers as possible on board with the agricultural transition.

Three Food Heroes of 2022

About the initiators

AgriFood Capital, Food Hub, Food Inspiration and Slow Food Youth Network are the driving forces behind the Food100. Together with partners such as Rabobank, Food Impactors Summit and BO Akkerbouw, they are committed to the development of smart and sustainable food chains, from farm to fork.