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The fifth edition of the Farmers' Accelerator will start in November. Interested parties can apply until August 31, 2023. Both novice and experienced farmers and gardeners can participate, large and small farms, mainstream and alternative: anyone who wants to respond to changes in agriculture. Scroll down to sign up!
Published on Jul 11, 2023

Unique opportunity

Every year, the Farmers Accelerator proves to be a unique opportunity for farmers and horticulturists looking for future prospects. For six months, participants work on their business plan and personal development as agricultural entrepreneurs. The program focuses on facilitating each participant optimally, with the exchange of ideas within the group being of great value. Like-minded people, each with a different approach, know how to inspire and motivate each other. That's smarter farming together. 

Group Process

Over the course of the project, the group will meet seven times a day for training sessions and field trips put down by experts from inside and outside the sector. Throughout the process, they are supported by transition expert and program maker Marieke Creemers. The Farmers Accelerator is distinctive in its fresh, creative approach. Topics covered include agricultural transition, personal leadership, vision & strategy, earning models and communication. In doing so, participants build a new, future-proof and environment-sensitive earning model that suits them. At the conclusion of the annual New Farmers' Family Day, participants have the opportunity to share their plans and expand their network.

Closing Farmers Accelerator 2022: an impression

Online alternative

Does participating in the (offline) Farmer Accelerator not fit into your schedule, but you are interested in the lessons we offer? Then the online Farmer Accelerator is an excellent and flexible alternative. The online program will become available in the course of 2023. This offers you the possibility to follow the "classic" Farmer Accelerator from your kitchen table, and exactly when it suits you. Interested? Leave your details on the website and stay informed about the launch and early bird discounts. 

Participating in 2023/2024? Register no later than Aug. 31.

The Farmer Accelerator

  • Work on your business and personal development
  • Start November 16, 2023
  • Guidance from experts and coaches
  • A combination of group meetings and independent work
  • Supplemental course materials online
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