Concept development

Parties wishing to effect a change in the world of food and agriculture can enlist the help of Food Hub in doing so. It may involve a change in their own organization (internal) or the desire to set up a particular project (external). Even if the question is not yet clear, we know how to deal with it. Together we design the desired change with a strong foundation in concept development.
Students writing and drawing to work on their concept development during a Food Hub workshop.

Our approach

Using problem framing methodology, we analyze the issue and map out what your project or organization needs. Then we look for the right approach and working form using a design sprint; a way to arrive at valid, detailed answers to an issue in a short period of time. Based on a jointly established design, we can take over parts, or the whole, of a project (temporarily): ranging from stakeholder management and finance to reorganization and communication.

From the portfolio: ARTIS

In 2020, Food Hub was asked to help think about the interpretation of a Food Boulevard at Artis. This boulevard should become a sensory experience, a place that invites visitors to connect with themes around food and ecosystems. A place, moreover, that motivates visitors to take action for a better food system. Food Hub examined this challenge with key figures in the food movement, and through a design sprint and targeted concept development, came up with a coherent proposal that could shape the boulevard in an accessible and appealing way.