SFYN Academy 2024: A recommendation from Food Hub

Our food chain: a complex system of fields, stables, factories and start-ups. It almost seems like a closed book to those who don't deal with the inside on a daily basis. But there are places where this book opens and every page is carefully studied. One of those places is the SFYN Academy, a track for curious and driven food talent that we are passionate about.
The event is on Oct. 25, 2023 at 0:00 a.m.

A journey through the food chain

Imagine a school that is not tied to one location. A place where the barn is as much the classroom as the conference table at an innovative start-up. The SFYN Academy is not just another training program. It is a six-month journey of discovery across the Netherlands, bringing together the stories and experiences of farmers, fishermen, chefs and scientists. Our founders Joris Lohman and Joszi Smeets contribute to the program.

Diversity of thought and action

What binds a young farmer and an up-and-coming policymaker? Or a chef and a designer? At first glance, not much. But in the SFYN Academy, they find a common goal: improving our food system. And not just in theory. Through real-life cases, brought in by clients, they dive together into the concrete issues of our food landscape.

The beginning of a larger network

Like any worthwhile story, the SFYN Academy does not end after the last lecture. It is a springboard to a larger network. A community where former participants, members and others with similar passions find and help each other move forward. A network that, like the food chain itself, is always evolving.

Inspired? Applications for the 2024 SFYN Academy are open until Oct. 25, 2023. For more information or to apply, check out the link or contact academy coordinator Sterre at academie@sfyn.nl. Food Hub encourages you to seize this opportunity and contribute to a better food system!