Together, smarter farming at The New Farmer Family Day

The New Farmer Family is celebrating its birthday! It is celebrating its fifth anniversary in a big way during The New Farmers' Family Day on March 22. A unique opportunity to get together with "family members" from all corners of the Netherlands, learn and be inspired by innovations in agriculture.
The event is on Mar. 22, 2024 at 0:00 a.m.

A new chapter in agriculture

Let's face it, the future of agriculture is not only exciting, but crucial for all of us. At the New Farmers' Family Day, you'll get a chance to witness up close how a new generation of farmers is changing the landscape of Dutch agriculture.

On this day, the doors swing open to anyone interested in a more sustainable, innovative and inclusive view of agriculture. It will be a day filled with inspiring talks, pitches and even a theater performance.

So, whether you're a veteran in the agriculture industry or just curious about the fresh wind blowing through the fields, this day promises to offer something for everyone.

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Curious about The New Farmers' Family Day in 2023?

Watch the video with former minister Piet Adema below: