Milk Bust Theater at Agrifirm & CRV Youth Day

For many farmers and gardeners, it is an uncertain time. What will be decided from the government? Does it fit with all the measures entrepreneurs have already implemented? What will their future look like? In the performance "Milk Can" you will see this struggle reflected with the necessary self-mockery. On Thursday, January 18, the performance can be seen at the Jongerendag Agrifirm & CRV.
The event is on Jan. 18, 2024 at 0:00 a.m.

The pop-up theater for farmer and gardener

In the agricultural sector we face great challenges. In the performance Milk Can this is discussed in a comical way and with a lot of self-mockery. Gerrie and Ton take you into their worlds of experience. One from the farm and the other from the city. This play is a collaboration of LTO Noord, NAJK and Food Hub. With a financial contribution from the Ministry of LNV, and the LTO Noord Innovation Fund.


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