Grow your farm with smart crowdfunding

De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie invites you to a webinar in collaboration with new partner CrowdAboutNow. This session is specially organized to provide in-depth insight into the possibilities of financing through crowdfunding. Experts from CrowdAboutNow and The New Farm Family will share their knowledge and experiences to inspire and inform you on how crowdfunding can contribute to the growth of your farming business.
The event is on Feb 07, 2024 at 7:30 p.m.
Crowd About Now webinar De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie

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Date & Time

When: Feb. 7
Start: 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour

Learn about:

  • The principles of crowdfunding and how it works at CrowdAboutNow.
  • De Nieuwe Boerenfamilie programma: De Boerenversneller
  • Different forms of financing and determining your financing terms.
  • The additional benefits of crowdfunding for your business, more than just funding.
  • The entire process of crowdfunding, from beginning to end.
  • Inspiring examples and success stories from past participants.
  • Discover through success stories how crowdfunding can make your future plans a reality.


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