Farming on the Frontier

Across Europe, farmers are protesting agricultural policy reforms and the Green Deal, despite the growing need for sustainability and food security. On April 4, at a meeting at De Balie with MEP Mohammed Chahim and young farmers, a balanced climate adaptation in agriculture that serves both economic and environmental interests will be sought. This debate seeks to move beyond polarization and seek constructive solutions for the future.
The event is on 04 Apr 2024 at 20:00

How can Brussels reinvent its relationship with farmers throughout the European Union?

The debate over the future of agriculture in Europe is on edge. Farmers from several EU countries, including Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, are rebelling en masse. They are opposing reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy and the Green Pact intended to make agriculture more sustainable. These protests underscore the urgent need to balance food security, sustainability and farmers' economic interests.

At a time when the EU is committed to a greener future, the question arises of how to achieve a just transition to sustainable agriculture. At a meeting at De Balie with young farmers and MEP Mohammed Chahim, they will debate options for climate adaptation in agriculture. The goal: to find a way forward that both protects the planet and guarantees farmers' livelihoods, without the discussion getting bogged down in polarization and simplistic imagery.


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